Sultan Synthetic vinegar is prepared from acetic acid and functions as a tenderizing agent for meats, seafood and vegetables. Some of the widely known benefits of vinegar include lowering blood sugar, treating yeast infections as well as helping in digestion.
Sultan Synthetic vinegar oil


Our laundry soap is a by-product of our Banaspati Ghee, which makes it low cost and safe to use while ensuring minimal waste. Our laundry soap is available in 3 variants.
Neel Pari Laundry Soap


Wanda, our cattle feed is available in 3 variants; ‘milky’, ‘fattening’ and ‘fish feed.’ Our aim is to improve the efficiency of food production for our farmers by providing a balanced nutrition for their animals. The formulation is made by our team of veterinary professionals and microbiologist with direct feedback from our farmers to cater to their changing needs. Furthermore, Wanda is made from our inhouse ingredients which makes our product safe for the animals while also providing them with balanced nutrients.
Sultan Wanda
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